outside Rome

Villa D'Este

      built by the cardinal Ippolito d’Este in 1550 is very famous for its artistic works and especially for the  impressive number of fountains, nymphs, fountains playing placed in its marvelous Italian-style garden. Besides the beautiful fountains, the garden is full of rare plants, some of them planted in the 17th century.  

Villa Adriana

    the Villa Adriana, which is situated 25 km from Rome, was built by the emperor Hadrian between 118 and 138 AD as Imperial palace far from the city of Rome. The villa is a large building compound which represents really amazing  architectural achievement. It covers  an area of almost 80 hectares that makes it bigger than the whole Pompei.

Ostia Antica

      “the mouth” or what is the meaning of the world “Ostia” in latin was the harbor city of the ancient Rome. Now it is very precious archeological area with well preserved buildings, magnificent frescos and impressive mosaics.


      in this picturesque ancient city in the “campagna romana” we’ll see the suggestive Temple of the Fortuna Primigenia, placed on six artificial terraces and considered one of the most important archeological finds in the Mediterranean region.
It worths to visit the National Archeological Museum of Praeneste that holds some famous tombstones with a pine cone shape  and the extraordinary mosaic of Nile, the biggest and the well conserved mosaic from the Hellenistic period, dated to 80 BC.